Yard Sale Citywide Garage Sales and Neighborhood, You Do Not Know !!

Yard Sale – 2018 | The Entire City Wide Garage Sale will be kept at a House together Mountainview on Saturday and can be also available on Sundays. Buyers will discover the speech of some garage sale and also items available for sale on the internet site from the metropolis and also in publish maps released ahead of your afternoon of yard sale. The function was promoted in papers, site, high banner ads and El Camino Real.

The Whole city subscribe to your own Eighth yearly, city wide and earnings environment across their state. This really is a superb job which demands lots of hours of effort. We’re extremely appreciative of the folks and associations that come forward to give us the advice every year to help us come up with this particular list.

How Do I Registration Yard Sale

  1. Registration is now shut, but It’s possible to take your rummage sales.
  2. Online registration is favored As it supports both the internet mapping functionality.
  3. In case You Don’t have accessibility to this Internet, you might make use of the paper enrollment form.
  4. Need Help? Contact Public Works in 650-903-6311 or even www.mountainview.gov.

When To Schedule The Yard Sale Is Opened


  • Fox Ridge Neighborhood Garage Sale (continued) May 31 – June 2, 2018
  • Cheney citywide garage sales Today (continued), may 31 – June 2

Potential neighborhood garage sale This past month: Forest Lakes neighborhood garage earnings (Thank you, Nicki)

  • And-over City Wide garage sales, June 2
  • Park City citywide garage sales, June 2
  • Halstead City Wide garage sales, June 2
  • Clear-water City Wide garage and Estate sales, June 2
  • Teal Cove Neighborhood Sale, June 7, 8, 9, 2018 (37th St. involving Rock and Woodlawn, only south west of Bel-aire in North East Wichita eagle garage sales).
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Edgewater Neighborhood Garage Earnings on June 8th and 9th. Located Away from K-96 (involving Ridge and Hoover). Edgewater entry from 45th St North. Thank you, Julie.

  • McPherson City-wide sales, June 8 – 9
  • White Water KS City Wide garage Earnings, June 8 – 9
  • Potwin City Wide garage sales, June 8 – 9
  • Belle Plaine garage earnings, June 8 – 9

The”House Wives of S. Chautauqua” 4-family sale, June 9. 700 block of Chautauqua and Morris, at the Sunnyside area (Lincoln/Hillside area) of estate sales Wichita.

  • Douglass City Wide garage sales, June 9
  • Hesston City Wide garage sales, June 9
  • Kechi City Wide garage revenue, June 9
  • Bentley citywide garage sales, June 9
  • Augusta City Wide garage sales wichita ks
  • Southern Ridge neighborhood Garage sale, June 14-16, close Pawnee & Maize Road.
  • Bel-aire City Wide garage sales, June 21-23


  • Osakis, 13 – 14
  • Richmond, 19, 20, 21
  • Hanska (Maps in Cenex Cstore ), 21
  • Sandstone, 21
  • Byron, 22 – 23
  • Cologne, 26, 27, 28
  • West Concord, 27 – 28


  • El Dorado City-wide community garage sale, August 4
  • Haysville City Wide garage sales, August 11 – 12
  • Kechi United Methodist Church Rummage Sale, August 16 18 in 45-33 E. 61st Street North at Kechi, KS


In accordance with author, Micah, Bonnie Brae area is having their 2 nd neighbor hood earnings Sept 13th,14th & 15 th. Located @ the Kellogg&Rock thru Rock & Douglas region. She states 8021 E Peachtree Ln. Could have a lot of furniture along with fine men’s, women’s, and junior clothing, tops & purses, in addition to household things. Thank you, Micah.

  • Fall Festival Garage-sale in St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church rummage sales, 123 N. Andover Rd. at Andover, KS, September 27, 28, and 29, 2018
  • Park City citywide garage sales, September 29
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Indoor Yard Sale and Sloppy Joe Steak Oct. 45 out of 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 925 N. Waco 263-0810. stpauls.wichita@gmail.com. Major assortment of items, lunch served in 11 a.m – 1 p.m. Input at the west of this construction, purchase is still downstairs. Funding raised to benefit from ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and childhood programs of this church.

  • Haven City Wide garage sales, October 6
  • Fall Mulvane City Wide garage Earnings, October 6 (This is going to be a very good day to maintain Mulvane, with a community yard sale marching group event and side walk earnings Down Town )
  • Possibly: Valley Center collapse City wide garage sale, October 6.