Immediately Visit?? Taco Tuesday Specials Deals $1 and Other Discounts In Wichita

Taco Tuesday, first Utilised in Mexico by the food series find nearest fast food. Pair with freezing Your House Margarita and $2.00, $1.00 of both Mexico Coronas, Modelos, Dos Equis. $1.00 away Taco baskets choose from 3 soft bread tacos, cheap tacos, fried pasta Taco or perhaps a mixed basket of most came with homemade fries and salsa beginning $2.00.

Doesn’t Have limitations for all these yummy Tacos 5 it is possible to choose poultry or earth particularly great for dine at Douglas and Hillside. Wichita favorite Margarita Cantina Best Taco Tuesday specials could be your $1 corn tacos with purchase (could beverage, or some thing besides the menu) Taco Night in 21:00.

Taco Bueno Taco Tuesday is an extremely Hot and far preferred for the majority of individuals every where. Carrying the Tuesday food specials farther and also make just two crispy beef tacos served with rice, boiled legumes Mexico, fresh chips and a side of sour cream and guacamole made just place you back $2.99 day. Of course in the event that you overlook Top Taco Tuesday Restaurant Specials, then they offer 59 taco parties Taco Thursday, too.

There Are Deals On Taco Tuesday Evening Dinner Specials

Burger Central

99-cent soft or crispy tacos

3302 W Central Ave

Chico’s Mexican Restaurants Wichita Ks

$1.00 corn road tacos

4407 W Maple

Bingo Casino

50 cent tacos (on Wednesday)

540 N West St.

2431 E Mt. Vernon

Bourbon Street

99-cent chips tacos until 9 pm

3863 S. Seneca St.

Taco Pronto

60 corn tacos daily

Tacos Lopez

$1 road tacos daily

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795 N. West St

A.J.’s Music Room

99 Fried Tacos All-day

1602 S Meridian

Copas Loka’s Sports & Cantina

99 cent tacos

10 14 N. West St.

El Papa Gallo Restaurant

$1 soft tacos daily

901 E. Harry St.

El Patio Cafe

$1 corn road tacos

($1.50 wheat road tacos)

424 E. Central

El Pollo Dorado

$1 tacos regular

128 W. 21st St.

2117 E Central

Dairy Queen (Mulvane)

99-cent soft or crispy tacos

222 N Second Avenue (Mulvane, KS)

Dudley’s Irish Bar

99 cent tacos (minimum purchase of Two ) just Saturdays just

8550 W. 21st St

El Agave Mexican Restaurant

$1 tacos

3236 N. Rock Road

3560 N. Maize Road

El Corral Mexican Restaurant

$1 tacos (About Thursdays only)

650 N Carriage Parkway Suite 1-10

El Viejito Mexican Restaurant

$1 tacos

5518 W Central Avenue

Las Mananitas Restaurante

$1 road tacos (Wednesday only)

But $1 Gorditas on Tuesdays

2347 N. Arkansas Ave

Li Na’s Mexican Restaurant

$1 road tacos

3570 N Woodlawn Blvd

Los Compadres Mexican Grill

$1 road tacos daily

3827 W 13th St N

Goyo’s Mexican Quick Food

99 cent tacos daily (alternative of Chicken or steak )

5355 N. Broadway Avenue (Park City, KS)

Heroes Sports Bar & Grill

99 cent tacos (on Fridays)

117 N Mosley St

La Carreta Mexican Restaurant

$1 road tacos

1608 E. Harry S T

La Chinita Mexican Restaurant

$1 tacos daily

1451 N. Broadway Avenue

Las Casuelas Mexican Restaurant

$1 tacos daily

901 E Harry St

Magoos Bar and Grill

$1 tacos (dine-in just )

2304 S. Oliver

Margarita’s Cantina

$1 corn tacos to get dine-in only limitation 5

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3109 E Douglas Ave

MoJoes Grill & Bar

75 penny tacos daily

10919 E. Harry St.

El Ricardo’s Mexican Food

$1 tacos daily

503 N. West St

El Vaquero

$1 tacos daily regular

1320 E Central

Mulligans Pub

99 percent poultry of 75-cent beef tacos on Wednesday

8343 E 32nd St N

O’Malley’s Irish Bar

99-cent Fried Tacos out of 5 pm – Midnight!

(deal additionally accessible on Thursday)

2405 E. 31st St S

P&C’s Club

$1 tacos

718 E Pawnee St

Rancho Nuevo Mexican Restaurant

$1 road tacos (just on Thursday)

2330 N. Maize Road Suite 1500

Taco Bueno

5 9 cent celebration tacos (On Thursday Just )

Taco Fajita

$1 tacos daily regular

1004 S. Meridian Avenue

Tacos Y softball

$1 tacos regular

2128 N Broadway

Whiskey Dick’s

99 cent tacos (on Thursday)

801 S. Seneca

Rene’s Mexican Restaurant

$1 tacos daily

677 N Eisenhower St.

9310 W. Central

Snoops Bar & Grill

$1 tacos

2301 E Mt. Vernon

Spaulding’s Food & Beverage

$1 tacos

220 W 3rd St (Andover, KS)