Why Drive In Movie Theater Are Closed Permanently?

Drive In Movie Theater | StarLite Drivein, at Wichita, will probably soon be closed on 13 October. Drive In Movies was started October 1, 1953 as a rainbow drivein screen with got the capability of 600 cars. Operated by the mum of T.H. Slothower. In 1982 has already been re named that the Landmark Twin drive in theatre and retain its own name before calendar year 1988. Starlite Drive-In – Wichita Ks can be really a drive-in theater double screen in Kansas.

StarLite Drive in make a Message onto a face-book page, he lacked loyal clients and staff that contribute heavily to the corporation. From the mail, which had been forwarded towards the Eagle with way of a Starlite employee, owner Chuck Bucinski wrote “the theater was in financial trouble since the electronic recorders were installed”

Starlite Drive In Chisholm Trail, Opened in 1950, can be really a drive in movie theater having one screen, that features the potential of 400 cars. The past couple of years re named that the starlight drive in and contains the potential for 1,300 cars. The previous picture playing the screen with all the”Hunt” and”Crazy rich Asia” Wellington.

We understand that this isn’t Profitable rather than major company, however it’s just one which most people affirmed, states Vestering. My loved ones encouraged. We give a great deal of money to acquire an electronic projector. By paying extra cash each single time we proceed.

Problem Drive In Movie Theater In Wichita Ks

The Choice Is Quite difficult in The making using a reduction in presence, improved picture rentals, and greater maintenance expenses and technology in order we had to shut afterwards getting information from my accountants and attorneys.

  • We will have a public auction to get That the concession equipment, monitor, and different items around
  • Tuesday, November 13, 2018 in 10 a.m.
  • For images and a comprehensive listing Of all things which exist, see: McCurdyAuction.com/Starlite
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Items Which will be provided at Auction includes theater equipment, recessed lights, metal picture, car speaker collection, Industrial kitchen equipment, business furniture, Starlite antiques, gear Shop, gear, golf carts and much more.