AMC Movie Times at Wichita’s new AMC Northrock 14

AMC Movie Times Premiere | On March 30, 2018 Has Started Fresh Theaters at 3151 Penstemon Street at AMC Wichita Northrock 14. Walking in to the building, guests are greeted by an open reception using an AMC MacGuffins pub aside, that serves beer, cocktails and wine. Currently it’s Samuel Adams Cold Snap, Lagunitas IPA, Boulevard Wheat and also Blue moon on tap.

AMC 14 movie times revived took Put long Northrock 14 that was finally opened Friday. When it is a brand new restaurant or entertainment, then we simply had a fascination with all the cinema AMC parks movies.

Dolby theater in the AMC Theater Wichita Ks, that gets got the biggest screen from the construction along with 153 chairs that may vibrate with the proper Condition of picture. Theatre from the size range between 171 chairs (at Auditorium 14) and 33 seats in the Auditorium of both 13. Each chair at the theater is a lavish leather chairs with a three foot space dividing the seats line.

AMC Stubs Premiere

Additionally they provide AMC Stubs Premiere with bigger advantages and much more perks. There’s an yearly fee of 15. (The sporadically offers discounts to the membership fee.)

The advantages comprise a Free popcorn wash each trip, save around $5 meals every Tuesday and like a $5 million reward each single time you hit 5,000 points.

Make 100 points for each $1 Spent in the box office and concession stand. You just have to pay $50 to get paid a 5 reward five times faster compared to the simple application.

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AMC Stubs Insider

AMC Stubs Insider provides Tons of Rewards and perks, for example a free popcorn refill every trip, save $2 on tickets every Tuesday and like a $5 bonus each single time you reach 5,000 points.

Make 20 points for each $1 invested At the box office and concession stand. In the event that you are doing the math, then you’d need to pay $250 to get paid a $5 reward.

AMC Movie Times Theater Tickets

Ticket costs are below in The Regal Theatre, Warren using matinee prices at $4.49 for ages, and nighttime speeds at $8.99 for adults, $5.99 for Children 2-12.

They’re priced to your own theatre; AMC Movie Times has updated Dolby Cinema Theatre, theater (like Warren Director Lounge), together with additional attributes and greater costs. The day event is going to be 12.99 for adults and $9.99 for kiddies.

Just How Much Can AMC Concessions Prices?

A large popcorn tub is marginally More costly than people at the Warren. A massive pop corn will probably likely cost $8.69 at the Northrock 14, whereas the exact identical bath costs $6.79 at the Warren.

Drinks will also be more costly at That the AMC Theatre: A sizable soft drink will probably likely cost $6.19, while at the Warren it costs $4.99.

Here would be the concessions combos At the brand newest AMC:

  • Large popcorn bath + buttery Beverage: 15.38
  • Large popcorn bath + 2 Extra drinks: $21.89
  • Stone-fired Flat Bread pizza + Extralarge beverage: $15.39
  • The Bavarian Legend Pretzel + soda: $21.49
  • MovieNachos + Topical beverage: $15.09
  • Chicken & Waffle Sandwich: $12.99
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